Ferris wheel ride for the park

Many park owners may decide to buy a Ferris wheel ride as this Kazakh attraction has the potential to attract many children and their parents. The Ferris wheel in Kazakhstan has fascinated us all over time so nostalgic parents are sure to get their kids hooked on this attraction as early as possible. BESTON offers a big Ferris wheel from 120 to 30 metres. BESTON also have a Children’s Ferris Wheel which is 4-6m. Please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to be at your service!

аттракцион колесо обозрения
Аттракцион колесо обозрения 120м продажа

Beston Ferris Wheel 120m
Model: BPZ-M120
Height: 120m
Wheel diameter: 107m
Number of cabins: 68
Total capacity: 408 persons
Engine: 37 kW
Cooling: 2.2 kW
Lighting: custom
Operating speed: 20 minutes / week
Drive mode: hydraulic friction rubber wheel gearbo

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какие элементы аттракциона колесо обозрения
Аттракцион колесо обозрения 104м продажа

Beston Ferris Wheel 104m
-Model: BPZ-M104
-Height: 104m
-Number of cabins: 60
-Seats per cabin: 6
-Capacity: 360
-Diameter: 99m
-Area: 42*36m
-Power: 55KW
-Voltage: 380V

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Колесо Обозрения
Аттракцион колесо обозрения 89м продажа

Beston Ferris Wheel Ride 89m
-Model: BPZ-M89
-Height: 89m
-Number of cabins: 54
-Number of cabins: 6
-Diameter: 83m
-Capacity: 324
-Area: 42*36m
-Power: 45KW
-Voltage: 380V

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Аттракцион колесо обозрения 65м продажа

Beston Ferris Wheel 65m
-Model: BPZ-M65
-Height: 65m
-Number of cabins: 36
-Seats per cabin: 6
-Diameter: 59,85m
-Capacity: 216
-Area: 38*32m
-Power: 26.4KW
-Voltage: 380V

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цена колеса обозрения
Аттракцион колесо обозрения 49м продажа

Beston Ferris Wheel 49m
-Model: BPZ-M49
-Height: 49,8m
-Number of cabins: 32
-Seats per booth: 4
-Diameter: 45.15 meters
-Capacity: 128
-Area: 35*32m
-Power: 18KW
-Voltage: 380V

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аттракцион колесо обозрения купить
Аттракцион колесо обозрения 42м продажа

Beston Ferris Wheel 42m
-Model: BPZ-M42
-Height: 42m
-Number of cabins: 24
-Number of cabins: 4
-Diameter: 38,4m
-Capacity: 96
-Area: 31*28m
-Power: 16KW
-Voltage: 380V

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купить аттракцион колесо обозрений
Аттракцион Колесо Обозрения BPZ-M30

Beston Ferris Wheel 30m
Model: BPZ-M30
Number of cabins: 20
Diameter: 30m
Height: 15m
Speed: 0.8m/s
Power: 9KW
Voltage: 380V

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You really should buy a Ferris wheel, look into the Ferris wheel installation. The cost of a Ferris wheel in Kazakhstan is not expensive. It will not cost that much money in the grand scheme of things. Many people love to write a ferris wheel, so you can’t go wrong by making sure that you get one set up with no problems. It won’t cost you a lot of money, and you will be to find a lot on doing your best to find the absolute best Ferris wheel ride that everyone in your part will be happy to enjoy.


купить аттракцион солнышко
Детское Колесо Обозрения BPZ-M5A

Beston Baby Wheel BNFW-5A
Model: BPZ-M5A
Number of cabins: 5
Diameter: 3m
Height: 4m
Speed: 0.3m/s
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V

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колесо обозрения для детей
Детское Колесо Обозрения BPZ-M5B

Beston Baby Wheel BNFW-5B
Model: BPZ-M5B
Number of cabins: 5
Diameter: 4m
Height: 5m
Speed: 0.3m/s
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V

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How do I choose my Wheel of View?

When choosing your rides, you have to be careful as there are features that can greatly affect your success. First of all, you should be aware of the importance of design. Children are attracted by color, so you should avoid choosing a dull design for the attraction. In fact, the more colors it has, the better. Also, you should make sure that the wheels with lots of free flashers and maybe some popular cartoon characters. You can find out from the different media channels which are the most popular shows at the moment, so you can guide your choices accordingly.


купить колесо обозрения для детей
Детское Колесо Обозрения BPZ-M5С

Beston Children’s Wheel of View BPZ-M5C
Model: BPZ-M5C
Number of cabins: 5
Diameter: 5m
Height: 5m
Speed: 0.3m/s
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V

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Beston Children’s Wheel of View BNFW-10A
Model: BNFW-10A
Number of cabins: 10
Diameter: 6m
Height: 6m
Speed: 0.3m/s
Power: 6kW
Voltage: 380V

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Choosing the right rides for an amusement park can determine its success. That’s why you should take your time and do proper consumer research before adopting a list of rides to purchase and install in your park.

колесо обозрения

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