Kiddie rides

Kiddie rides are a type of amusement park attractions that are designed specifically for children and their families. Children rides are often seen in shopping malls, supermarkets, public squares, parks, communities, schools, family theme parks, children’s water theme parks, etc. D. Attractions for kids are what makes their childhood happy and physically strong. In children’s amusement parks, we see that parents often accompany their children to ride children’s carnival rides, because when we design children’s entertainment, we take their parents into account.

Аттракцион осьминог

Octopus Ride Buy

Octopus carousel attraction for the park at a factory price. Attraction "Octopus" in the form of a large octopus, rotating ...
Купить детский экскаватор аттракцион из Китая

Children’s attraction excavator

Children's excavator is a new attraction and has good market prospects. This attraction helps children to develop and can have ...
робот для детей

Robot ride

Robot ride for sale, small attraction for amusement park, kids park. Welcome to buy different color and models of robot ...
Американские горки для детей

Children’s roller coaster

Children's roller coaster, also known as mini roller coaster, mini roller coaster at our factory. It is a new kind ...
аттракцион Гусеница купить

Caterpillar attraction Buy

The caterpillar ride is a kind of smaller size roller coaster. The mini caterpillar roller coaster is one of the ...
слайд дракон трек поезд

Dragon ride to buy

The dragon park ride is a mini roller coaster, a new design for children and adults. The whole ride is ...
надувной бассейн купить

Inflatable Pools

An inflatable pool is a container filled with water used for swimming or other water-based recreation. These inflatable pools are ...
Аттракцион орбита

Paratrooper ride for the park

The interesting attraction paratrooper ride is very popular for parks. It is one of the most popular amusement rides. An ...
Аттракцион шейкер продажа

Liberty music bar ride Buy

Liberty music bar ride buy factory price in Kazakhstan. Quality assurance. Durable material. With years of experience, Beston is dedicated ...

Beston kiddie rides sale

Amusement parks with children’s thrill rides will be the perfect place for kids and parents to close their relationship. As compared to extreme rides, children rides are low speed, small in size, great music and beautiful in appearance to meet the needs of children. Children rides to buy from Beston usually take cartoon images such as airplane, train, balloons, jellyfish, octopus, robot, shark etc. etc., which can immediately attract children’s attention. Therefore, we believe that if you buy children rides from our company, they can bring you a lot of benefits in a short time.


аттракцион детский экскаватор купить
Beston Excavator for children BNWJ-02

Children’s excavator ride BNWJ-02

Model: BNWJ-02
Size: 2.8*0.75*1.75m
Rotation degree: 60°, 90°, 360°
Power: 0.75 kW
Voltage: 220V
Certifications: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS

Price request

Аттракцион счастливый кенгуру
Аттракцион Карусель Кенгуру для Детей BNHK-8A

Kangaroo Carousel for Kids BNHK-8A

Model: BNHK-8A
Seats: 16
Diameter: 9m
Height: 6m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 12kW
Voltage: 220/380V

Price request

Аттракцион Пиратский корабль
Аттракцион Корабль для Детей BNPS-8A

Ride Ship for Kids BNPS-8A

Model: BNPS-8A
Height: 3m
Area: 4m*2m
Swinging range: 60°
Capacity: 8 persons
Power: 1.5KW
Voltage: 220/380V

Price request

аттракцион молния маквин
Аттракцион Молния Маквин Карусель BNHF-8A

Lightning McVean Carousel BNHF-8A

Model: BNHF-8A
Seats: 8
Piste length: 6m
Height: 2m
Speed: 1,6m/s
Power rating: 4kW
Voltage: 220/380V

Price request

Аттракцион полет для детей BNSC-6B
Аттракцион полет для детей BNSC-6B

Ride-on flight for children BNSC-6B

Model: BNSC-6B
Height: 4,5m
Diameter of occupied area: 4-6m
No. of cabins: 8 pcs.
Capacity: 16 persons
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 220/380V

Price request

купить Аттракцион полет
Аттракцион полет для детей BNSC-8A

Ride-on flight for children BNSC-8A

Model: BNSC-8A
Height: 4,5m
Diameter of occupied area: 4-6m
No. of cabins: 8 pcs.
Capacity: 16 persons
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 220/380V

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Аттракцион Карусель Шары
Аттракцион Самба Шар BNSB-01

Samba Ball ride BNSB-01

Model: BNSB-01
Number of cabins: 8 units
Capacity: 32 persons
Lift height: 1,5m
Power supply: 380V
Area: Φ 9m
Guarantee period: 12 months

Price request

Детский Аттракцион Осьминог BNRO-5B
Детский Аттракцион Осьминог BNRO-5B

Children’s Octopus Ride BNRO-5B

Model: BNRO-5B
Number of cabins: 5 units
Seats: 15
Capacity: 30 persons
Height: 5m
Diameter: 10m
Power output: 21KW

Price request

Детский Аттракцион Тагада BNDT-4A
Детский Аттракцион Тагада BNDT-4A

Children’s Attraction Tagada BNDT-4A

Model: BNDT-4A
Seats: 4
Height: 3m
Diameter: 3m*4m
Area: 3m*4m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 8kW

Price request

Sale of kiddie rides

Beston has designed and produced many types of children’s attractions such as children’s roller coaster, children’s maze, children’s excavator, children’s steam train ride, children’s carousel, children’s driving range, kangaroo attraction and children’s Ferris wheel. Children and parents love children’s theme parks because they are positive, healthy, educational and fun. And at the same time, the attractions for kids allow children to learn something through active activities. We have different kinds of attractions for children’s parks that you can choose according to your needs. If you don’t know how to buy rides for kids, our sales manager will give you some tips. And we have a team that can draw up a plan for your park.


Children amusement rides can spin, fly, and we promise to entertain our children with magical journeys that are perfect for their height and age. Themes, LED lighting colors, cabin shapes, music and the size of the amusement park for kids in our company can be customized according to your needs at no extra cost. So if you have any entertainment needs for children, please contact us. We are always here for you!


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